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World Mental Health Day 2017

Supporting Mental Health in the Workplace… Recent research found that depression and anxiety disorders cost the global economy $1 trillion in lost productivity each year. Perhaps that’s why the theme of World Mental Health Day 2017 is “mental health in the workplace.” After all, we spend a lot of our time at work, and realizing […]

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Opioid addiction is among the targets of biotech researchers searching for ways to curb cravings and relapse

As the opioid crisis broadens by the day, the biotech community is doubling down on its efforts to solve the mystery of addiction—and find new ways to combat it. Toward that end, two sets of researchers announced progress this week advancing research aimed at targeting addiction centers in the brain.

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Substance Abuse – Treatments & Preventions

Substance abuse also known as drug abuse, refers to a situation when a user gets addicted to the effects caused by a drug and in turn suffers from the damage and complications it brings along. Drug abuse has several physical as well as psychological damages. Proper treatments of drug abuse target to detoxify the victim […]

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Living with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder

If you’re a parent of a child who’s recently been diagnosed with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), you may be devastated and overwhelmed. If you’re an adult who’s recently been diagnosed, you may be going through “various stages of grief” after learning that your “lifelong difficulties can now be explained by a medical condition,” said […]

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Brain and Mental Health Benefits of Dreaming

I’ve always been fascinated by dreaming and the science of dreams. My dreams are so vivid and realistic it really feels like I enter another world when I sleep. The other night I had a dream that I was sitting on a boat in the middle of a lake, watching the sunrise. In that moment, […]

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