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What causes conflict between dogs living in the same home?

My home typically contains two or more dogs, and research has shown that having more than one dog is typical for nearly one third of dog-owning households in North America. In a multiple dog home, probably one of the most disturbing situations is when there are aggressive incidents between the dogs. These are not only disturbing […]

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As of January 2017, transgender is no longer a mental illness in the country

In March 2016, North Carolina passed a law that bars transgender individuals from using public restrooms that match their gender identity, and prohibits cities from passing anti-discrimination laws that protect the rights of gay and transgender people. The bill has thrust North Carolina into the centre of a national debate over equality, privacy, and religious freedom in […]

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Build your mental muscle with a few brain training exercises

Whether you’re tempted to give in to that craving for a cupcake, or you’re about to give up on your goals, perseverance isn’t easy. But before you blame your lack of God-given willpower and before you make an excuse for your less than stellar performance, consider this; it only takes a few minutes a day […]

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How safe teens feel in their community environments contribute to how depressed they feel

Research on depression in adolescents in recent years has focused on how the physical brain and social experiences interact. A new University of California, Davis, study, however, shows that adolescents with large hippocampal volume were more, or less, susceptible to feelings of depression depending on how unsafe — or conversely — protected they felt in […]

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Oxytocin is released to enhance a romantic relationship, this might not always be the case, a new study reveals

When you notice your partner is less interested than you are, your brain may send out a hormone that can help you fix the relationship. Oxytocin is often called the “love hormone” or “cuddle chemical,” but American and Norwegian researchers have found out that it may as well be called a “crisis hormone.” “When people […]

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